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Photos of some of the past great  
Australian Shepherds and
some well known champions:

(listed in Alphabetical Order)

The photos here may not be reproduced, printed, or posted
to any other website without written permission
(Updated 7/6/02)

pawz(click on the name below to see the photo)pawz
CH Adelaides Scotsman of Windermere
Agua Dulce's Sunday Silence
CH All that Jazz of Gefion, CDX
Apache's Brave Challenge

Aristocrat of Windermere
CH Arrogance of Heatherhill, CDX, STDd

Baron of Flintridge
CH Beauwood's Out Rustlin Bear, CDX
CH Beauwoods Rustlin in the Sun, CDX
CH Best Regards of Windermere
CH Best Wishes of Windermere
CH. Bishop's Andie Pandie
CH Bishop's Ginger Bear, CD
CH Blue Lad Coppercast Russet, CDX, TD, STDd
Blue Heather of Windermere
CH Blue Lad Boomerang Flashfire, UD
Bohmer's Fourman
Briarpatch of Bonnie-Blu
CH Brigadoon's Moonraker
Ch Brigadoon's One Arrogant Dude, CD
CH Bright Future of Windermere, CD
CH. Bumblebee's Sassy First Love CD STDd

CH Casa Buena Bonita, CD, STDs, OTDd
CH Cat's Meow of Starcross
Chili of Flintridge & Get
CH.ChuloRojo Of Fairoaks
Cissy Bird
CH Cooper of Windsor
CH Copper Canyon Caligari, CD
CH Copper Canyon Sandstorm, CD, TD
Coppercast Mulberry Muffin
Cornwell's Blue Bear
CH Cornwell's Cody, CDX, STDc
Crestwood Passion Flower

Dakota Blue Cotton Candy
CH Dealer of Windsor
CH deLeon's Baron
CH Desiree of Windsor
Dorrock's Fine Wine Chablis
Duffey's King Blaze
Dusty & Thistle
CH Dynamite Dazzle of Starcross,CD

Easy Way Molly
CH Echo Ridge Deacon, CD
CH Echo Ridge Diablo Rojo
Encore's SeMeGo For Quatro K, UD, STDc
CH. Evan's Handsome Blue Chips CD
Evans Regal Spice

Fairoaks Copper Canyon Cedar
Fairoaks Matoyo
Fairoaks Vigilante
Fatal Attraction of Starcross
CH Fieldmaster of Flintridge, CD
Fieldmaster's Home Brew
CH Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus
CH Final Edition of Windermere
The Flintridge Family
CH Freedom of Flintridge
CH Fromer's Free Breeze, CD & Get

George's Miss Molly
George's Red Rustler

WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear RDG, RTDsc PATDc
CH Hallmark of Windermere, OTDd
CH Hamilton's Buster Brown, CD
Harper's Old Smokey
Hartnagle's Hud
Hawk of Flintridge (Puppy photo)
CH Hemi's Regal Request, CD, STDs, OTDd
Highlander of Windsor
Hopscotch of Adelaide
CH Hotsey Todsee of Fireslide
CH Hot Toddy of Emerald Isle
CH. Hy Mark Of Windsor STDdsc

CH Iacovetta's Buck

CH Jimmee Blue of Adelaide
CH Jubilee's Federal Agent

King's K Troy, CWD

Las Rocosa Shiloh
Leavitt's Patches
Limited Edition Mr. Charming
CH Little Abner of Flintridge

CH Manchado Crazy Horse, CDX, OTDsd, STDc
CH Manchado Mutual Gains, STDs
Mansker's Kim
Mansker's Turk
Mattice's Blue Missy
Mattice's Queen Dorothy
Mattice's Red
CH. McDuff Of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd
CH McGuire's Blu Duster, Cd
CH McGuire's SeMeGo Hemi

Meshlacon's Powder Blue Chips
Michael of Poverty Ridge
CH Mighty Fine Dividend
Mighty Fine Impression
Miller's Molina of Flintridge

CH Out Tom Cattin at Starcross
WTCH CH. Outfitter's Huggie's Sassy Satin RTDs
Overbey's Latigo Lady

Ch Pay the Piper of Aberdare
CH Pepper's Special K
Peterson's tate
CH Poudre Silver Sage of Coppertone

CH Ragtime Sabre, CD
CH. Raintree's Silver Vanity
Raks TR Coette
Rare Spice of Flintridge
CH Red Reflections of Windermere
CH Regal Vanda Berry of Hazelwood
CH Robinson's Bonnie Blue Yankee
Rosewoods Field of Dreams
CH Rosewoods Jessee James
CH Rosewoods Red Hot Special
Rosewoods Tribute to Adelaide, CD

Salt of Flintridge
Savor of Flintridge
CH Say it's Sally of Sunnybrook
Schmutz' Dr. Ben's Freddie
CH Shady Acres Soldier Blue
CH Sharps Ragnar
Silver Fog of Heatherhill
Silverledge Charlie Russell
Slash V Latigo of Copper Canyon
CH Some Like it Hot of Adelaide
Somercrest Baron's Second Wind
CH Somercrest Sassy Lassy
Sorenson's Red Man
Stillwater's tru-blu whisper
CH Summertime's Afternoon Delite
CH Summertime Shakn up Ramblewood
CH Summertime Showdown of Old West, CGC
CH Suns Mark of Windermere, CD & Sons

CH Taisho's The Hottest Ever of Rosewood
Taylor's Calamity Jane
Taylor's Luke the Drifter, CDX
Timberline's Holy Terror
CH Too Tough of Windsor, STDs
Tophands Lisa, UD
CH Tophands Mecha
CH Tres Joles Rocky Mtn Dude
CH Tri-Bars Macon Whoopie
CH Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins, CD
CH Tri-Ivory Ruff Rider, CD
Twin Oaks Cactus Bud
Twin Oaks Potaka
Twin Oaks Swaps, CD


Upchurch's Ebony Royal

CH. Welcome Of Windsor
Westwind's Miss Moon Glow, CD ATDds
CH Wildhagen's Dutchman of Flintridge, CDX
Wilson's Little Annie UD
CH Windermeres Sunshine of Bonnie-Blu, CDX
CH Windogo's Heartfire
WTCH CH Windsong Raisin Cain
CH Windswept of Windermere & Arrogance of Heatherhill
Woodchips Rowdy Rascal

 If you have any photos of some well known
past greats that you are willing to share,
I would love to post them to this page.

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