HOF CH Heartfire's Thief in the Nite CD ATDsd STDc  DNA



Frozen semen available for select breedings


Photo credit Jennifer Skillman


Bandito finished his ASCA Championship in style
by going WD/BOW/BOB.

Sire: HOF VCH WTCH CH Shope's Goodnight Bandit CDX  CD RTDsc HS HX

Heartfire's Tried and True, CD

Red Bi,   OFA Good, Eyes cleared yearly


Congratulations to Deeter Kids, their breeders and their owners:

Istariís Meet Me in the Dark JS-N CGC DNA-VP (5 pt major ASCA)

 Istariís ZigZaggin Bi Nite OTDs STDdc JJ-E RJ-E GJ-E NAJ NA SG SSA AD CGC DNA-VP

Istariís Blues in the Nite NAJ NA JS-N GS-N RS-N CGC DNA-VP ( major pointed ASCA)

WTCH Istariís Beale Street Blues RTDsc JS-O HRDIIs OA OAJ NF CGC DNA-VP, (2010 cattle finalist, alternate sheep and ducks)

 Legends StarN OnceUponADream GS-O RS-E JS-E JS-E-OP NA NAJ DNA-VP (seated USASA merits) Performance Dog I (PD1), Performance Standard I (PS1), Performance Snookers I (PK1), and Performance Relay I (PR1)

 WTCH Landslides Fit 2B Tyed


UKC CH Landslides Bettin On Blackjack JS-N GS-N NA NAJ NF CGC

 ATCH LandSlides NicksFix 4 Shawtown DNA-VP

JS-E, RS-E, GS-E, OA, OAJ, XF , CL3-R, CL3-H, CL3-F, CL3-S, AD

 Legends StarN Hakuna Matata CGC JS-N NA NAJ NF, pointed in breed, RWD awards


Legend StarN Dream Talker akc RAE2 akc CDX (merits USASA) CGC asca CD RNX


CH Legends StarN Divine Intervention


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