2007 Testimonials from the happy owners
OLD WEST puppies

These are the testimonials and emails from previous puppy buyers.  We LOVE to hear about our puppies in their new homes.  IF you have an Old West puppy and would like to let us know how he or she is doing, please email us.  We love seeing pictures of our kids as they grow up with their new families. Please click  on the year at the bottom on this page for testimonials from each year.


Hi Kitsy,

It’s been too long since I’ve been in contact.  We hope you’re doing well—I follow your web site and see how many beautiful puppies you’ve bred over the months!

We’ve been very busy training and playing (playing wins most of the time!)  I don’t know if you get updated when dogs you’ve bred get titles, but we’ve added a few:  Maverick has his AKC/ASCA CD, 2 legs toward his AKC CDX; OA, OAJ, with 2 legs toward his AXJ and 1 toward his AX.  Hobie is close behind with an AKC/ASCA CD, NAJ, OA.  Now that we’re working at the excellent level, things get MUCH harder, and my shortcomings as a handler are manifest!

At the urging of my obedience teacher, who thinks Maverick is the best-looking Aussie she’s ever seen, I’ve started showing in ASCA altered conformation.  So far, Maverick has 14 points (all 1 or 2 point wins; it’s very difficult to get enough altered dogs for a major) in just a few shows this year.  Hobie sort of goes along for the ride, but he does it in good humor.  I’ve also started taking tracking lessons with Hobie.  So far, tracking seems to be his very favorite organized activity—sniffing, food, what’s not to like?

I’m attaching several pictures of them at the Delta show last weekend—feel free to comment on our form (or lack of it)!

Best wishes for a happy holiday and a prosperous new year.


Christine Marki

Vice President

Marki Microwave, Inc.



Hi Kitsy,

Hope all is well and happy holidays.  Just wanted to give you the good news that Rusty just earned his MACh!!  It was very cool to finally get to that point. The speed was always there (he has enough speed points for MACh 4!!), it was justing getting those double Q's.  The last half year he has not only been fast (actually faster than ever), but very consistent. I attached a couple of photos, one sporting his new ribbon, and one of him at work.

Take care,

Naci Berkoz,
Rusty, Bulut, Trouble!



Hi Kitsy:  I heard Feathers had a litter!  I have Feathers brother Hurley and then got the two female girls Roxy and Bella (Bella originally was sold to my friends father but he couldn't keep her).
My friend Kim Kreitzer was on your website because she is thinking of getting a second Aussie...she has a male named Moose who is about 1 1-1/2 now. He and my dogs hang out weekly as we have a mutual friend who takes our dogs hiking while we're at work etc.
My kids always talk about Feathers. My younger son loved her and I told her you were keeping her. He'll be so excited to see the pictures on the website.
Everyone compliments my three dogs all the time and asks where we got them. Our trainer has them out a lot and tells everyone about your website and what great dogs you breed.
We are so happy you do. We love our Aussies. They are a huge part of our life and love our cat. The four of them together are so sweet.
I hope all is well with you.
Jill Espinola
Coto De Caza, CA



Hi Kitsy!
Congratulations on your recent litter of 11 pups! Oh my! Looks like you're in for a wonderful time with all those sweet little puppy squeaks.
I wanted to let you know that we are truly enjoying our puppy from your May litter, and my brother is just as charmed with her sister pup. They are both loving and always wanting to please. My girl, Izzy, is alert, smart, and always ready for a good game or a long walk/run. We are amazed at how quickly she has learned the basic sit, down, stay and will also offer her paw in a polite shake. She loves to chase and retrieve a ball, although we are still practicing the drop portion of this as she'd rather play the game of us chasing her for the ball. She loves to "herd" us around by pushing her nose against our leg, but she also walks very well beside us while on a lead. We are hoping to find a local trainer and enroll her in stock training because I think she would absolutely enjoy herself and find great pleasure in doing what she instinctively desires.
Today she lost her first baby tooth and as you can imagine she loves to chew on just about anything we'll let her have. I'm attaching a couple pictures so you can see what lovely dogs you have bred for us and I wanted to thank you for all the laughter and joy that this marvelous young girl has brought into our home. Please give Cinder and Wrangler a scratch behind the ear from us.
DeLys Bimer








Born on 12/15/06 – Black Tri # 3

 Kona is doing great.  She’s growing up to be a very gentle and curious little girl.  I’m attaching some pictures to show you how she’s changed.  I think she’s really looking like her handsome Dad =)

 She loves playing at the dog park with other dogs and really looks forward to meeting other people and dogs.  She is very fast and extremely smart!  The little bugger figured out how to open the back door if the dog door is closed. She’s being spoiled rotten and continues to amaze us every day with her antics.

 We’re still planning on training her for pet therapy and she continues to show us that she’ll be a good fit for that. 

 IMG_4235, IMG_4267 and IMG_4268 were all taken when she was 8 months old.

 9 months … taken on 9-15-07

 Thank you for breeding such a beautiful little girl.


Lisa & John Clinton



Hi Kitsy,

I thought you would like to see our beautiful dog, Jack. My daughter and I drove out to buy him the day before you left for your Alaska trip on  July 5th, 2006. We have been so happy with him. He is not for show ,although he would have made a beautiful show dog, I think. He is a family dog and has a black lab mix sister who is 11. She has regained some energy out of necessity since they play all the time. Jack has a nice yard, sleeps with us on the bed, goes to the beach on weekends and to the dog park in the evenings. We love him and thank you so very much. He is full of love and kisses.

Thanks, Sandy



Hi Kitsy,
Hope this finds you well.  Bode is about 9 months old now and he is doing great!  We just took him camping at Trinity Lake (near Lake Shasta) and he loved it!  Our other dog, Chester is more of a water lover, but Bode really liked riding in the boat.  It was his first time at a lake or near water, so we think that as he gets more exposure, he will like swimming more.  Attached are some pictures from our trip and one in our backyard.  Bode is the alpha of the two dogs, as Chester has never been a real "leader".  They play and pal around together.  Bode is a pretty good listener: sits, lays down, we are still working on "stay," but he loves to play ball and frisbee and to go on walks/ hikes.  He rarely barks, but when he does, it is usually because there is a deer on the other side of our backyard fence.  he loves running the fence-line with them.  Thanks for such a great dog.  We love him!Best,
Devin and Shana Reiss




Hi Kitsy,
We are having so much fun with Reggie and Nettie.  It hard to believe that Nettie has only been here a little over 3 weeks.  We love her so much, she just fit right in.  Reggie is being a "Good Big Brother " and watches over her.  Where one goes the other follows.  What a joy to watch them.  I've enclosed some pictures, as you can see Nettie is growing, and my Reggie is so handsome.  Thanks for the wonderful puppies.  Bill, Jeri, Reggie and Nettie DeWitt


Dear Kitsy,

Just wanted to tell you how much we continue to enjoy Abbey (Mickey & Mikayla). She is your first entry under testimonials for 2002. Abbey is the love of our life. We are told often that she is the most beautiful dog people have ever seen.

Abbey travels everywhere with us. We only frequent animal friendly establishments. This picture is of Abbey by the Golden Gate bridge when we were in San Francisco last February.

Thank you for this gift of a dog who is bright, loving, and beautiful!

Eric & Marci Slater



Hi Kitsy:
I showed Rocky myself at Long Beach and we went reserve. I had his picture taken at the Winning Image and here they are.   I have him entered in South Bay (Torrance) in August and Bruce Schultz is going to show him. 
I will let you know how it goes.  I want to get him to some ASCA shows as well.
Hope all is well.
Linda Scheid


Hi Kitsy: (8/12/07)
Rocky showed this weekend for the first time with Bruce Schultz and Tara.  There were 23 Aussies entered, 10 dogs.   Yesterday he went second in his class, the judge said he was a little too thin and he needed a little more weight. (eating is not his top priority).
I am so proud of him, today he won his class and went Reserve Winner.  He has never been handed off before and Tara showed him both days.  He did really well and she thinks he will do well if I can get a little more weight on him.
Just wanted to give you an update.
Linda Scheid 





Hi Kitsy!
Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy that wonderful pup we got from you in October last year.  Keeper is so true to her breed - in one of the photos you can see her 'herding' the wolfhound!  She is everything that we hoped for - strong-headed and beautiful!  Gunnar watched a herding demonstration last weekend, and noticed that all of Keeper's play behaviors are exactly what the herding dogs were doing in their work.  He's thinking he may want to give herding a try.
For now the two are working on obedience.  They took one class with a local trainer who shows Aussies in obedience, and of course they were the class favorite.  The trainer was surprised at how well-behaved Keeper was for Gunnar, considering that Gunnar is such a young handler and Keeper has amazingly strong drives. 
They tried a little juniors ring conformation handling, but that's just not Gunnar's cup of tea.  My daughter may show Keeper in conformation though, because she is so flashy, and does love to show off.
I included a shot of Keeper in the shower - she jumps in on her own!  She is such a water dog, just seems to love it.  She's probably wet at least once a day, either from jumping into the dogs' big water tub, or from getting underfoot when we're hosing down the patio.
And the last shot is of Keeper running with Gunnar on his bike.  Those two play all day, and really dote on each other.  Just the way a kid and his dog should be.
Hope all is well with you.
Erin Jaffarian




  Hi, Kitsy

Here is a picture I took of Noah (Wrangler and Mikayla), on our last camping trip in 4/2007. I can hardly believe that we've had him for over three years now. He's such a sweetie pie, very smart, and, as you can see, very handsome. I hope all is going well with you over in your neck of the woods. Our boys are doing great, and Kirk is now in remission, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Wishing you a fun and relaxing Summer vacation,

Michelle Radmore




Hi Kitsy,

Its been quite a while since I've given you an update on Rusty.  He is doing absolutely wonderfully.  He is still as rambunctious as he was as a pup, but I like him that way.  We've been mountain biking with Rusty and my border collie as of late and man is he fast. He can keep up with me no matter how fast I'm riding!

Now for the agility.  He's been doing really well in USDAA and he had a very strong showing at nationals. He'll be 5 in 2 months, but he's already achieved his Lifetime Achievement Award-Bronze level.  He's actually really close to Silver.  Okay, this is a mouthful, but these are his titles in USDAA.

Agility Dog Champ-Bronze
Tournament Masters-Platinum
Standard Champ-Bronze
Snooker Champ-Silver
Relay Champ-Bronze
Gamblers Champ-Bronze
Jumpers Ch-Bronze 

He's been just a knockout in USDAA.  He's actually the #3 26" Gamblers, #4 26" Tournament, and #10 26" Snooker dog for 2006.  Pretty amazing guy.

We pretty much have all of our scores for the AKC World Team Tryouts, so that will be exciting.  I decided to pull out last year so I'm very excited for this year.  Now for my boneheaded move of my lifetime.  I thought that Rusty had his required 6 Double Q's for AKC nats as of 3 months ago.  Turns out the first one was 2 weeks before the qualifying period and so we can't enter the nats.  What a frustrating situation.  Next year:(

Anyways, thanks again for trusting me with Rusty, he's once in a lifetime.  I attached some BW photos from a regional championship.

Happy New Year,

Naci Berkoz



Hi Kitsy:

Here is a picture of Ashley that was taken last week.  She is so much fun and so  very smart.  We are going to start Conformation Classes in one week.  She  really learns quick.  She already knows how to come when called and sit.
Thank you so much for this beautiful little girl.
Linda Scheid







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